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According to the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, Influenza (the flu) is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. It affects mainly the nose, throat, bronchi and occasionally the lungs. It may include fever, coughing sore throat runny nose, and body aches. Annual outbreaks of the seasonal flu usually occur during the late fall through early spring. Approximately 5-20 percent of the population gets the flu. The virus is transmitted easily from person to person via tiny droplets when infected people cough or sneeze. Influenza tends to spread rapidly in seasonal epidemics.

Prevention Is the Name of the Game

In following the recommended guidelines of these agencies, i.e. hand hygiene, coughing etiquette, and staying home if you feel ill, you are doing your part in taking personal responsibility to prevent the spread of disease. With or without a vaccination you might be asking... what else can I do today to Optimize My Immune System?

Nature offers an intelligent solution with the use of essential oils that are steam-distilled from plants. Today, we have a modern application for the ancient art of Aromatherapy, which is now a refined, complementary tool for health and wellness. Over the centuries, science and technology have improved the extraction process insuring pure, potent, highly effective oils that can target this season's outbreak

Benefits of BeWell

It’s the "go to" and the "take-along" product!
  • A special blend of oils that are highly antiviral, antibacterial, anti-infectious and irrefutably
    effective. *
  • Convenient for purse, pocket, and backpack.
  • Easy to use with a pleasant aroma.
  • Each inhaler has a space for personalization.
  • Perfect for travel.
  • Safe for all ages when used as recommended.
  • 3 Powerful Scents - Lemony, Spicy or Minty
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Fun Facts About Essential Oils

  1. Guess how many volatile molecules there are in one drop of essential oil?
    40 Million Trillion! That’s 40,000 micro-molecules to attend to each cell in your body, compliments of your respiratory and circulatory systems.

  2. Essential oils are known to have a positive influence on mood and emotions. This formula is soothing, relaxing, balancing, uplifting and improves concentration. *

Feel protected from infection where you work and play.